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Claudia Winkleman loves Daisy Lowe. Like SHE REALLY LOVES DAISY LOWE.



we are gonna be performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Thursday, so cool !! you’ll be able to watch us play on NBC from 11:35/10:35c if you wanna :D x


i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween


Inside the booklet of the Nixtape album

“ I am in love with Daisy Lowe. No, not like that, you’re smiling like ‘oh it’s cute.’ I am IN LOVE with her. I want you to give me her address. ”
- Claudia Winkleman (via thattomlinsonsass)
“ One of them came on your nighttime show quite a bit didn’t they? ”
- Finchy  (via thattomlinsonsass)

one of them came on your nighttime show quite a lot

ha ha hahaha 



That is a magnificent shirt on him. That is also perfect hair on him. That is also a very cute face on him. 

  • Nick: What if I do it for like, 3 minutes, then forget?
  • Matt: Then you've let down the nation.